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International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is the only Non-Governmental Organization who enacts 'the International Trade Rules and Standards' which are used in more than 120 countries around the world.  ICC Indonesia is the National Comittee of Indonesia to ICC. Its main mission is to improve Indonesian business actors' understanding of the use of "best practices" in international trade with the aim to increase the competitiveness of Indonesian products.

ICC Indonesia activities are carried out through the Professional Development Program (PDP), which focuses on trainings and workshops related to the "International Trade Rules and Standards" referring to ICC Rules and their applications.

ICC Indonesia ensures that the facilitators are comprised of professional practitioners in the field of international trade with qualified competence and experience. The professionals also have Internationally-Acclaimed Certificates such as CDCS, CITF, and CSDG. In addition, ICC Indonesia also brings in experts from abroad for specific topics as needed.

For more detailed information please download: Brochure PDP 2018.pdf



2018 Full Year Programs 

Download: Brochure PDP 2018.pdf