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The CDCS® is a qualification that is recognised worldwide as a benchmark of competence in documentary credits. It enables documentary credit practitioners to demonstrate practical knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with documentary credit practice.

In the last three years, in order to accelerate the learning process and quickly develop the participants ability to review CDCS® material and summary of key issues, ICC Indonesia has facilitated exam participants through the CDCS® Tutorial Program. Including several time try out test and weekly evaluation.

In this opportunity, ICC Indonesia cordially invites your organization to join the CDCS® Tutorial Program to prepare for the upcoming CDCS® examination. This Tutorial will be held every Saturday, starting from 29 July until 30 September 2017 with a fee of Rp.12.500.000/participant. For resit participant will get 50% discount.

The CDCS® exam registration deadline is 31 July 2017 for examination 14 October 2017. Registration fee for the CDCS® examination is £500 with additional international booking fee is £55. Whereas, for CDCS® Examination re-sit fee is £310 with additional international booking fee is £22.

Studying CDCS® will enable you to understand:

  • Documentary credits - types, characteristics and uses, including standby credits
  • Rules and trade terms, including UCP 600, ISP98, ISBP 745, Incoterms 2010® and URR 725
  • Parties to documentary credit transactions and their roles and obligations
  • Types and methods of payment / credit used in documentary credit transactions, including the concept of autonomy
  • Types of transport, commercial and financial documents used in documentary credit transactions
  • Risk issues, including types of risks, control and possible mitigations
  • Related products, including letters of indemnity, air way releases and steamship guarantees
  • Implications of breaching rules including money laundering and terrorist financing


Why Study CDCS®?

  • It enables you to demonstrate a level of expertise in documentary credits that is recognised worldwide
  • It improves their knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with documentary credit best practice
  • It helps develop the skills to apply knowledge in the workplace and to perform at a high level
  • It gives you the right to add the professional designation ‘CDCS’ after their name for the three year validation cycle
  • It improves career and promotion prospects



Examination Fee:

Description of fee

Costs in Pounds Sterling

Examination registration fee


International booking fee


Examination resit fee


Resit international booking fee


Examination deferral fee


The examination registration fee includes the following:

  • Printed study text (also available online via my ifslearning)

  • Student handbook and specimen examination paper

  • Registration for the examination

Please note: The examination resit fee only includes online access to the study text and registration for the exam. A copy of the printed study text is available separately but at an additional cost.

Tutorial Fee:

Rp 12.500.000,-/participant (covers copy of study material “The Guide To Documentary Credits”, 63 hours intensive class room (9 class session) (include presentation, exercises, case studies and discussion), distance mentoring, self-study tips, coffee break and lunch, stationary, ICC Indonesia bag, try-out test and evaluation and certificate of completion).
For Resit participant will get 50% Discount.



Details about The Exam please click: CDCS® EXAM BROCHURE (2017) and CDCS® EXAM FORM (2017)

Details about The Tutorial please click: CDCS® TUTOR BROCHURE (2017) and CDCS® TUTOR FORM (2017)