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ICC Anti-Corruption Clause

Online Tools
ICC online tools prepared by leading ICC trade, finance and arbitration experts, our wide range of online tools allows business-people and companies to access up-yo-date training and resources anytime, anywhere.

Trade Finance
Our range of universally accepted rules, accompanying guidelines and handbooks will help you make the most of international financial markets.

Model Contracts
ICC's series of Model contracts is a unique set of trade tools. Succinct and practical, they are fair and balanced for all parties by clearly presenting comphrehensive sets of rights and obligations.

ICC's Incoterms rules have become the global standard for international trade. They have been translated into more than 30 languages.

International Business
This category contains everything you need for successful cross-border transactions; from hands-on case studies to useful guidebooks.

International Arbitration
This category contains vital resources for lawyers, counsel and scholars interested in international arbitration and business law.