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Language is key to realizing the smoothness and progress in business. In business, which obviously relates to money, it is conceivable how misunderstandings as a result of a language limitation would be a lot of influence even damage the business being conducted. The limited ability of a financial officer to understand and use English, for instance, will hamper him in interpreting or making financial reports, which can eventually lead to losses. Such an example demands every business player to master the correct standard of language used in respective business sectors.

ICC Indonesia realizes well this crucial influence that language has on business. As part of ICC, the global business organization who has long focused on improving the capability of human resources on the subject of international business, ICC Indonesia aims to ensure that the progress of business being conducted will not be hindered by language limitation. Through its Business Translation Service, ICC Indonesia provides business people, financial, banking, and legal officers with certified translations in various languages needed for their respective works. Our Business Translation Service is performed by professionals from a variety of backgrounds providing the right mix of linguistic fluency and knowledge of the respective industries.

Scope of Services

We provide both document and oral translation (interpreting) as follows:

Document Translation

The majority of our works includes translation of financial reports, commercial contracts, market surveys as well as notarized, legal, banking as well as marketing documents.

Oral Translation (Interpreting)

We offer simultaneous, consecutive, and whispering interpreting for events such as seminars, conferences,  meetings, presentations, and interviews, as well as transcription of meetings and speeches.