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Commerce Secretary: US must reform visa, export control policies (October 9,2009 )
“The United States often makes it too difficult for foreign company executives to enter here to do business, a shortcoming that has a tangible cost for American business by shutting out some of their best customers,” Mr Locke said. The dinner at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel commemorating ICC’s f

ICC trade policy experts meet WTO Ambassadors in Geneva (October 2,2009 )
It is crucial for business representatives to engage in person with Geneva-based senior officials, through organizations such as ICC, to dispel the notion that business has lost interest in the Doha Round,&rd

Survival of UN Internet forum key to growth and stability, say business leaders (November 30,-0001 )
The IGF, which was set up three years ago as an open platform for businesses, governments, civil society, and technical and intergovernmental organizations to discuss Internet policy issues such as privacy, security and access costs, is under threat as its original 5-year mandate expires at the end

ICC Foundation supports workshop on future of the market economy (October 12,2009 )
The seminar, sponsored by the ICC Research Foundation in conjunction with the Harvard Business School, brought together 50 international business leaders and academics to devise elements of an action plan for business to deal with the fallout from the crisis. Led by Harvard Business School Professor

Global business welcomes new ICANN and NTIA commitments (October 2,2009 )
The “Affirmation of Commitments” recognizes the interests of Internet users, including businesses, that are not directly engaged in ICANN or the domain name system. It also identifies

ICC explores solutions to climate change in Bangkok (October 1,2009 )
At UNFCCC climate change talks, taking place in Bangkok 28 September – 9 October, as government negotiators discuss key provisions, local and international business experts are providing a range of solutions a

World Chambers Federation launches webinar series (September 30,2009 )
A webinar is an Internet conferencing tool used to conduct live meetings, training, or presentations. In the conference, each participant sits at his or her own computer and is connected to other participants via the Internet. The first webinar, taking place on 3 November, will focus on customer ser

ICC releases latest Dossier of the ICC Institute of World Business Law (February 10,2012 )
Documentary evidence is at the heart of the arbitral process. Arbitrators are increasingly confronted with new challenges, such as requests for E-Discovery, as well as ever more frequent objections to confidentiality and privilege. Document production may also confront arbitrators with difficult iss

Highly anticipated Latin America arbitration conference open for registration (September 22,2009 )
The conference, under the auspices of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, will be held 1-3 November in Miami South Beach, and should be of particular interest to practicing lawyers, corporate counsel, arbitrators, mediators, academics and professionals doing business in Latin America and the

ICC says G20 must find political will to conclude Doha Round (September 29,2009 )
ICC warmly welcomes the decision to make the G20 the primary forum for international economic cooperation. With member countries representing 90% of global gross national product, the G20 reflects the new distribution of economic power in today s world. On the fundamental issue of the Doha Round of