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Where will future gains come from?

Protectionism, transformative technologies, shifting economic trends… Trade and trade finance are in a state of global uncertainty. So where are banks looking to secure future growth?

New players, new places: Banks expect medium-term gains from non-bank entities and greater geographical coverage

Please indicate what you consider to be the priority areas of development and strategic focus for your bank in terms of growth and evolution in the financing of international trade?


Trade finance barriers: What might stand in the way of future growth?

From new regulatory regimes to fintech disruption, what do banks see as the biggest obstacles to future trade finance growth?

It’s all about compliance



Going digital: Where are we at?

From Big Data to blockchain, everyone agrees that digital technologies hold immense transformative potential for the global trade finance industry, which remains largely paper-based. Looking at the reality on the ground, though, how far along are banks in their digital transformation?

Post-paper? Documentary transactions are rarely fully digitised

While progress is being made towards digitalisation, document verification is a notable laggard when it comes to removing the use of physical paper.

Digital maturity: Most banks remain years away from digitalisation

While only 12% of respondents have successfully implemented technology solutions in their trade finance operations—and only 9% have found the solutions to increase efficiency—the Global Survey results show clear movement towards greater digitalisation.

About Global Survey 2018: Securing future growth in trade finance

Published annually, the ICC Banking Commission’s Global Survey report is an unparalleled look into the global trade finance industry. Based on exclusive information from over 250 banks in more than 90 countries, the Global Survey offers invaluable perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the trade finance industry from the practitioners themselves. The survey results are bolstered by contributions from an international array of leading voices on trade, including experts from the World Bank, Boston Consulting Group and the World Trade Organization.

Global Survey, global perspective: Respondents around the world


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