ICC Indonesia Held One Day Workshop about Avoiding Trade Frauds Featuring Mr. Mukundan

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The economic outlook in many parts of the world continues to be uncertain in this environment. The risks of defaults and frauds increase when these events take place. Fraud is not new. As long as there have been commercial systems in place for businessman, there have been those who have tried to manipulate these systems.  The chances of recovery are usually very few and they are expensive. It is important that all those involved in shipping and trading, especially in Indonesia, are aware of the vulnerabilities that currently exist, how the frauds can be prevented and, once they take place, what options there are for recovery. Because of that ICC Indonesia held one day workshop about Avoiding Trade Frauds In An Uncertain Economic Climate. ICC Indonesia want this workshop can help international trade and business practitioners in Indonesia look the changing pattern of fraud in today’s environment. The workshop is largely based on cases handled by the IMB. The workshop takes place at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta on Thursday, October 12th 2017. Around 45 persons from different companies join this workshop.

ICC Indonesia invite Mr Pottengal Mukundan, Director of ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS), as speaker for this workshop. CCS is the anti- crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce, comprises three specialised bureau: International Maritime Bureau (IMB), Financial Investigation Bureau (FIB), Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB). He has investigated numerous maritime insurance claims including many fraud cases from charter party failures, diversion of cargoes, phantom ships, hijackings and container theft.  He became Director / CEO of its holding body ICC Commercial Crime Services in 1999. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the World Maritime University’s Journal of Maritime Affairs. For this workshop, Mukundan share his knowledge about Trade Finance Fraud, Cargo/Container Fraud, Charterparty Frauds/failures and Phantom Ship Fraud. (RF/ICCIndonesia)