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Welcoming the entry of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, the Ministry of Finance through the Directorate General of Customs and Excise in cooperation with the KADIN Indonesia as NIGA (National Issuing and Guaranteeing Agency), launched the implementation of ATA Carnet system in Indonesia on Monday, June 1 2015, at KADIN Indonesia.

ATA Carnet, known as ‘Passport for Goods’, is a set of international costums documents for temporary admission of goods which simplifies time-consuming costums procedures and removes the obligation for exporters to pay customs duty and tax of goods imported into a country of destination since the document has been guaranteed by the International ATA Carnet Guarantee Chain, managed by ICC World Chambers Federation (WCF).

“More than 175,000 ATA Carnet documents are issued worldwide with the value of goods reaching US $ 25 billion”, said Noke Kiroyan, ICC Indonesia Chairman, when delivering his speech at the launching.

Previously on October 1, 2014, the Indonesian government ratified the Istanbul Convention in relation to the merger of the country in International ATA Carnet Guarantee Chain. The government through the customs has determined the scope of goods covered by ATA Carnet, which are goods for exhibitions, professional equipment and expertise, means of transport, and all kinds of goods with the purpose of education, science, sports, and humanity.

As the 75th member of  the chain, the implementation of ATA Carnet in Indonesia is a major step towards the integration of international trade.

“ATA Carnet is great for MICE activities, promotions of trade and tourism primarily for Indonesian businessmen who participate in exhibitions abroad or otherwise, foreign entrepreneurs who want to do an exhibition in Indonesia. It is very good also to stimulate business opportunities and also investment coming”, added Noke.

KADIN Indonesia Chairman Suryo Bambang Sulisto also welcomed and appreciated the government in the appointment of the Chamber of Commerce as the authorized institution for the issuance of the ATA Carnet in Indonesia. He expects that the national business actors can utilize the facility as well as possible.

"Certainly we expect KADIN to provide optimum and effective service. For enterpreneurs, ATA Carnet will facilitate the administration because it reduces the amount of written documents, legal conflicts, time and cost of licensing of customs and reduces risk. We expect enterpreneurs to use this facility well and honestly.", said Suryo.


ICC Indonesia, as a representative of ICC and multilateral committee of KADIN Indonesia, fully supports KADIN’s role as the NIGA of Indonesia. In general, worldwide NIGAs are Chambers of Commerce.