Launching URDG 758 & Workshop "Key Ingredients for a Succesful Guarantee Business" 2015

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ICC Indonesia has launched the bilingual version (English and Bahasa Indonesia) of the ICC’s internationally distinguished guidebook for Bank Guarantee, the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantee (URDG 758).

The launching took place on April 28, 2015 at Grand Melia Hotel Jakarta, simultaneously with one day workshop on Demand Guarantee “Key Ingredients for a Successful Guarantee Business” presented by international speaker Dr. Andrea Hauptmann.

The aim of the translation is to support the business community by increasing their understanding about the unvarying rules for Demand Guarantee and by providing an affordable price for them.
Welcoming the into force-entry of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, businesses need to understand the rules that apply to global business – which are among others,  guarantee for international projects as well as the government's priority to build infrastructure projects, which is typically an international cooperation.

ICC Indonesia specially invited international practitioner in the workshop, Dr. Andrea Hauptmann of the ICC, senior banker from a leading bank in Europe and member of the URDG drafting team.

The workshop was very beneficial for the international business actors in Indonesia, so as to understand Bank Guarantee under Bank Indonesia regulations and the use of the International Guarantee.