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Who can join ICC Indonesia?
All companies with a business in Indonesia are welcome to apply for membership.



Corporate Membership



Annual Fee 

  Depend on the company’s business size





Up to 100 employees


101 – 500 employees


501 – 1000 employees


More than 1000 employees






Rp 3.000.000


  1. Management Representative; and/or
  2. International Trade and Rules Representative; and/or
  3. Dispute Resolution Representative

Max. 5 Person

The company could assign their representative that will contact continously by ICC Indonesia to inform any related matter.

1 Person

The person who registered becomes the representative of himself or herself.

Corporate Member

      Corporate Memberships are owned and issued in the name of corporation. Companies, partnership, or unincorporated associations may apply to become members. Each company may nominate their representative based on their corporate membership’s category like have been shown above.

Individual Membership

      Individual Memberships are available to individuals who have interest in the international business.


A. Fill in the Membership Application Form and Return it to the ICC Secretariat via:

- Email to:
- Letter Delivery Service to:  
    Tempo Pavilion 2, 2nd Floor,
  Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kav. 10,
  Jakarta 12950

       B. Payment of Annual Fee should be made to:   

Bank Branch Account No. Account Name
Mandiri Bank Jakarta Graha Irama
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. X-1, No. 1-2 Jakarta
124 000 675 5608 ICC Indonesia

      c. Email the receipt of payment
      d. The member will receive the certificate or placard as the Official Member of ICC Indonesia.

ICC Membership through ICC Indonesia

1. Member of ICC World Business Organization

ICC is a global organization consisting of national committees from more than 130 countries, generating trade rules ascribed by trade actors all over world. By joining ICC Indonesia, you will automatically be a part of ICC WBO together with millions of members from leading companies worldwide.

 2. Global Business Networking

As an organization that focuses on international trade, ICC executes events regarded as the benchmark for international trade activities. ICC members will have exclusive access to ICC and partners’ events such as UN*, WTO, G-20, IFS, SWIFT and ICC-CEO Forum among others.

*ICC has held top-level consultative status with the United Nations since 1946

 3. Take Part in Setting International Trade Rules and Standards

Selected members can participate in determining the outcome of International Trade Rules and Standards by getting involved in the ICC working group.

 4. Opportunity to Promote Your Company

ICC members receive distinctive opportunities to sponsor for ICC global events, which would raise international exposure as well as enhance your company’s image in the international business community.

 5. Updates on International Trade Rules and Issues

Apart from receiving regular updates, members are entitled to attend ICC Indonesia Regular Meeting to receive latest updates on international trade rules and issues.

 6. Dispute Settlement Forums

Members are welcome to participate in ICC Indonesia dispute settlement forums organized by Arbitration & ADR Commission.

 7. International Business Support Desk (IBSD)

Members can discuss with experts regarding the international trade, trade rules and dispute resolution in IBSD member forum through our International Business Support Desk conducted via appointment meeting and online forum.

 8. Special Price for ICC Publications, Seminar & Workshop